Kunle Lawal Professional Car Rental Service is a leading car rental services provider in Nigeria. Coming from a wealth of experience that has been so arduously and painstakingly amassed by its owner and founder,
Kunle Lawal, we are proud to raise our hands and say that we are one of the best known car rental companies
in the country.
More than actually providing the services that we are known to provide, all with our unmistakable stamp of quality assurance, we have been singled out for the kind of popularity we enjoy because of
the efficient manner in which we conduct our business.
Here is a list of some of the services that we offer at Kunle Lawal Car Rental Service:

1.Car Rental/Hire

2.Bullet Proof Cars for Sales/Rent

3.Car Sales

4.Airport pickup/drop

5.Retainer-ship of vehicles (weekly, monthly/yearly) 6.Supply of Vehicles

When you come to our office, you will be greeted by the most courteous people that you will have seen.

From taking care of your business needs, as well as making you feel comfortable about the major step

that you are able to take when it comes to renting the car of your choice, you will feel safe and secure in the

hands of our staff.

What this means for you, as one of our most valuable customers,is that you can take your time to arrive at your decision, making sure that you are satisfied with the choice that you are going to make by asking as many

questions as you would like. At the end of the day, we aim to please. It’s that simple, really.

You Want To Have Your Favorite Car or Rent Car?

Book ( KLL )Rent/lease now. Enjoy great discounts on our Toyota landcruiser 2015-18 model, Lexus Lx 570 2013-18 model, Toyota landcruiser prado 2015-18 model (bullet proof prado and lancrusier), Mercedes Benz gwagon g63/g55 customised 2014-17 model, Rolce Royce 2015/17 model, Range rover vogue/sport 2014-16 model, Lexus, Porsche, mustang sports car 2014-16 model, Toyota hiace 16 seater bus, Toyota coaster 32 seater bus, Mercedes Benz executive bus, Toyota hilux truck & fully armed military/mobile security excort. For your weddings, video shoot, celebrity birthday parties/political rallies, events in Lagos.